$25.99 / Each

CV1® Single Serve Coffee Maker

Item # 15180

CV1 Hotel Room Coffee Maker
$25.99 / Each

CV1 Hotel Room Coffee Maker

The CV1 One-Cup Coffee Maker brews a delicious single cup serving of coffee. With its easy to use features and selection of coffees to choose from, your guests will be enjoying their personal hotel room coffee in no time. Our brew basket and filter are completely disposable, which means no clean up for housekeeping and sanitary fresh coffee for your guests. The CV1 hotel coffee maker requires very little space and can be placed anywhere in the room. And with no heating plate and using only 500 watts of power to operate, you’ll appreciate the reduced energy usage. Check out our full selection of hotel coffee packs specific to the CV1 coffee maker.

CV1 Coffee Maker Features

  • Single-serve drip coffee is ready in just minutes

  • Brew basket and filter are disposable

  • No breakable glass carafe to wash, no grounds to clean up

  • Compact footprint takes up little space

  • Shuts off automatically when brewing is complete

  • No heating plate saves energy

  • Only 500 watts uses less energy than a four-cup coffee maker

  • UL 197 approved Commercial Electric Cooking Appliance

  • For use with Cafe Valet®, Caribou®,

  • 8"H x 4.5"W x 8"D

  • Case Quantity: 6

  • Must be ordered in quantities of 6

How to Use Your CV1 Coffee Maker

Your CV1 Coffee Maker instruction require 4 quick and easy steps. The one cup system eliminates concerns about the cleanliness of traditional hotel room coffee pots, brew baskets, and coffee mugs. It is the most sanitary method to enjoy a great cup of coffee in the comfort of your room.

CV1 Coffee Maker Instructions

1. Open the coffee pack and slide the disposable brew basket and coffee filter pack into the coffee maker, curved side outward.

2. Fill your cup with water and pour it into the reservoir in the back of the coffee maker.

3. Place your coffee cup below brew basket.

4. Press and release the start button. The light with go out when the brewing process in complete. Enjoy!